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DS2™ Two-Plate Automated ELISA Processing System

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The DS2 makes automation easy

Designed with full walk-away capability, the DS2 quickly and easily processes two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously and features the most user-friendly control system available, chain of custody, and instrument diagnostics. The DS2 delivers sample-in / results-out automation of microplate assays:

• Sample dilution and distribution
• Incubation, washing, and reagent dispensing
• Reading with automatic data reduction and quality control
• Automatic bar-code scanning

An open system, the DS2 is ideal for virtually any ELISA application - from clinical diagnostics, such as auto immune and infectious disease - to food safety and drugs-of-abuse testing. Most important, the DS2 has all you need to ensure the rigorous, repeatable analyses required to
deliver with confidence the best, most-accurate results.

Ingenious hardware design

Dynex designed the DS2 for efficiency and reliability. The simplified system has few moving parts - one multi-function robot arm does everything from pipetting to operating the bar-code reader. In addition, the DS2's vertical design and patent-pending multi-plate carrier save space, enabling a minimal footprint, with maximum consumable storage:

•216 sample tips
• 96 dilution vessels in convenient 8-way strips
• 20 reagent ti ps
• 8 large & 10 medium reagent bottles
•24 standard/control bottles


Powerful data-reduction options

• Sigmoid, polygon fit
• Linear, quadratic, cubic, and quartic-regression fits
• Cubic-spline, sigmoid, akima, and loglogit fits
• Automatic quality-control equations
• Levey-jennings charts with Westgard rules
• Thresholding for qualitative assays
• Ratio equations for complex calculations